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Powergrip 46 Pcs 1/4″ Socket Set

Powergrip 46 Pcs 1/4″ Socket Set is a 46 pieces 1/4″ socket set which is a must buy for our daily household needs. This handy socket set for personal/professional use that makes life easy in the home / workshop. You can open several different types of nuts and bolts using this. These days all carpenters, plumbers and servicing guys charge very exorbitant fee. Instead of paying them a fortune it is better to buy these tools once that last for lifetime. Here are some pics of the tool:









Bought this socket set for INR 1650 exactly 2 years ago and now it just INR 1495. Inflation has been increasing as ever but this product price has reduced. Surprise! 🙂

The product has helped me without giving any trouble during these 2 years. I use it mainly for servicing my bike – Duke 200


1) Very study -> The build quality is impeccable

2) Container -> Container is of very good quality and looks to last a long time.



Buy with confidence!

You can buy it using this Amazon India link

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