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SNN Natural Products Pure Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is my goto product for any kind of skin infections like acne, boils, mosquito bites and even works on warts. Although if it is wart it is better to take allopathy medicine as tea tree oil alone will not be able to cure it.

Coming to the product this is quiet genuine product and available at reasonable price. I can vouch the product is of good quality – smells very strong and on applying in undiluted manner it starts itching and continues for at least half hour – exactly how a pure tea tree oil would feel like.

Be sure to use a carrier oil like coconut oil before applying on your skin.

So many manufacturers overcharge for tea tree oil as if they are selling gold?? I love this company although I have never heard it’s name prior to buying this. I feel this is the cheapest among them all with very good quality.

Buy with confidence!

You can buy it using this Amazon India link

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